Change is Possible and Politics is not Hopeless

The concluding part of the State of the Union is always my favorite. President Obama is fabulous at touching the hearts of Americans who both agree and disagree with him. In this speech, he brought in nearly every type of American, and how each of us has the capacity to change and work hard and love each other.

I found this portion of the speech not only touching but very compelling. I agree, change is possible and politics is not hopeless. All we have to do is care enough to change our behavior. All we have to do is go a little out of our way to care about each other, and how our actions affect the people around us. And I think, if we start to think this way,  we can find places in our hearts for those with whom we disagree. I have found, in moving away from my liberal home town, that the other side of the political spectrum is just as committed to the American dream as I am.

I think that, maybe, just maybe, we can live up to President Obama’s call to come together, and work for political behavioral change, on both sides. But only if we can stop talking past each other and listen; listen to the concerns of  those with whom we disagree and nod and say, “I hear you, but I disagree.” Only then can we truly make America great again.

Thank you, and good night.



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