“Recognize that the Cold War is over”

Obama calls on Congress to lift the embargo on Cuba, because the Cold War is over and we have bigger problems.

Is that the right approach? What do you think?


Okay Paul Ryan…

Maybe it’s because I’m not a conservative, but I don’t understand why the Speaker hasn’t clapped for anything, even ideas I would think most Republicans would support. Can someone please enlighten me??

It’s not even close!

America spends 8X more on their military than the next closest countries combined. He reminds the American people that for every international issue, people call the United States, not Russia, or Beijing.

Interesting comment about the UN, saying that it’s struggling to keep up with the new problems that face the international community.

Invest in the Future

Obama wants to put money back into communities what rely on the coal industry and provide them with clean energy jobs because that’s the direction the country is going, he says. He argues that the preservation of the planet is in our grasp and is crucial to protection our kids.

Interesting Analogy

Obama compares climate change to the Americans discovering Sputnik (the Russian space exploration that launched the development of NASA). He implied that instead of denying the existence of climate change, we should have the same reaction that we did to Sputnik, that we should launch a program that is unparalleled in all the world because America is a nation of innovation.

What do you think?

Stay tuned!

Ways the parties can work together to improve American security

  1. Wage insurance and job retraining. Obama argues that this would help the economy work better for everybody
  2. Expand tax cuts for low income workers with children. Something that Obama says he and Speaker Ryan agree with.
  3. Private sector necessary to a thriving economy. Outdated regulations that need to be changed  and red tape that needs to be cut [standing ovation from everyone on both sides of the else!)
  4. Wages need to go up. Obama disagrees with the Republicans over the causes of stagnant wages. Wants them to have more of a voice not less (this is a reference, I think, to Citizens United, which makes it easier for the wealthy to speak over the poor in American politics.)

Stay tuned for more!

Obama acknowledges the challenges facing working class Americans

“The economy has been changing in profound ways, changes that started long before the Great Recession hit, changes that have not let up.”

Even though there has been significant economic growth, the President acknowledges that it has become more difficult for working class families to pull themselves out of poverty, and for young people to find jobs. He says that while this is not unique to America, it effects our ideas of social mobility and the American dream. He argues that one way to increase social mobility is to implement universal preschool, make college affordable, and strengthen math and computer science program.

Obama then brought up making community college free, which is a policy point he said he would push for in his last State of the Union. Will he push more policy ideas or bring both parties together?… Stay Tuned!